My ADHD Partner left out of the blue

We are both 30 years old, we were childhood sweethearts and reconnected 4 years ago, we had a daughter who is now 19months old and he proposed in April this year. we were planning to move to a new place as he is in the army and was being stationed. There had been arguments and fights around his ADHD and his inability to manage his symptoms but nothing that couldn't have been resolved by just talking honestly and openly about it. 

At the end on June he text me from work and said he was leaving within a week he found a place to live and moved out, within 2 weeks of moving out he had started a new relationship and has been seeing this women since mid July. 

The only thing he said was that he was felt that he no longer cared about me, or our life together and that he needed to be alone to work on himself and his problems but he hasn't actually done that.

Despite the fact that he has said that he no longer feels love and care for me whenever he comes to visit the little one he tries to be affectionate, hold my hand, hug, kiss, compliments me. He has told me that his heart still skips a beat when i smile and that he misses me everyday and wants us to be friends because he can't stand the thought of me not being in his life at all. Last week he said he was looking at photos and thinking about how good our relationship was and that he knows he will come to regret this decision.  All those things would suggest to me that he still cares and still feels love for me and it has been so confusing for me. 

I have no idea wether i should just work on moving forward and healing my heart or talk to him about things and try to work things out