My apologies if this is the wrong place to post, but question for ADHDers

Did you experience courtship hyperfocus with everyone you ever dated or was it only the ones you truly fell in love with?

I believe so...

There was hyper-focus, to some degree, for most that I dated, but is was nothing compared to the HF I had on my DW.

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No, not exactly...

I only ever really dated one other woman before I met my wife.  I dated her for just a couple of months and if anything, she hyperfocused on me...  Half the reason I ended up braking up with her was because she wouldn't give me any space to do my own thing.

Of course, that's a rather small set of data to come to any real conclusions about it, but I certainly didn't hyperfocus "everyone" I dated.



Thank you. :)  Going through

Thank you. :)  Going through the roughest patch ever w DH who has ADHD, and starting to wonder if he never loved me at all but was just hyperfocused on me and it could've been anyone.  I'm hoping from your responses this is not the case...