My BIG question

OK. The past couple of weeks I have read, and chatted and ranted and supported and identified and related and bashed (and laughed) on this site.  I am ready now to ask my big question:

Is there anyone here- anyone at all (besides Melissa Orlov and Sherri), married to someone with ADD/ADHD who managed to bring their marriage back from the dead?  I don't mean "We weren't getting along" or "We argued all the time but still really loved each other."  I mean a true resurrection.

Because Melissa is saying that if/when my husband starts treatment, I should "smother him with love."  We are so dead, the very idea feels awkward to me.  Not because I hate or despise him.  Its just not there.

That's my question.  Oh, and no recommendations of divorce please; not because I would find it offensive (I don't).  Just that I already know that option is available to me, and it isn't my question.

Thank you.