At my breaking point, violence

I don't know what happened for this to escalate this way.  I am at home today on a day off and was cleaning.  My husband came home at lunch to grab a bite to eat and get back to work.  He chose this time to complain at me.  He opened the fridge door and seen two small containers of raspberries we had bought last sunday.  He started to accuse me of not eating them in time before they've gone bad and why the hell would I buy three containers of raspberries and only eat one and waste the other two.  

This has been an arguement that has happened SOOOO many times over food.  I yelled back at him saying he lives her too he can just as well eat them if it bothers him so bad that they go to waste. But then he counters with he doesn't want them he didn't buy them he wasn't going to eat them.  I said you are going to fight with me over 5 dollars?!  I also pointed out that he buys an entire loaf of bread and eats four slices of it then throws it in the garbage too. (I dont eat bread because of gluten intolerance).  He said that doesn't matter because it's only 2 dollars.  !!!!!!!!!!!

At this point we are both screaming at each other, and he threw a kitchen towel at me then proceeded to cus at me and say he hates me. Then he washed the raspberries and took them with him and left.

World War III over 5 dollar raspberries. REALLY!?!?!!?  

Is my husband a huge jerk or does this relate to ADHD symptoms? Maybe something happened at work the first part of the day I don't know.  But its not like he was opening the door and was like, oh there's raspberries going bad, we should eat them. But no, he blamed me for over spending and buying what I cannot consume. Then he said that we should split the fridge down the middle and each buy our own food. !!! 

I'm so tired of living like this.  Why can't I buy the food I want? Why is he controlling this?! I never once gave him a hard time over throwing the majority of bread in the garbage every week!!

Now i'm sitting here crying and just don't know what to think.