My car!! Where is my car???

Today I found out that my car is only missing the transmission oil for it to be ready for me,his friend from in his work came to my business place to wait for him this morning and told me that,Ha!!! I thought he told me last time that the car needed a next part in the transmission that he forgot to put in, and that he had to drop the box again and I may have to wait a next couple of weeks for it,And all this time the car is almost finished and he is procrastinating it,What the hell is he doing??? I am suffering for it !!!my hands hurts me with the grocery bags!! I run a food business and he is not making my work any easier by playing up in my head like how his head is playing him! I am sooo frustrated right now!! urggg!!! lies lies lies,I am an independent woman and he hates that,so he uses the car to beat me up imagine that "my own car"