My daughter will not speak to my ADHD partner.

I have been with my partner for 4 years and after a few months I knew something wasn't right. I suggested he may have ADHD, he got checked out and was given a formal diagnosis at the age of 48. He is now on medication but has never been given any support or guidance on how to cope with situations.  I have a 15 yr old  daughter who used to get along with my partner and they used to laugh and be silly together, and although she often found him "too much, or annoying"  they always bounced back from any negative situation.  We have recently relocated to a different country and he seems more "too much" and she, more  intolerant,  they have been constantly bickering until the point at which he had an emotional outburst, involving shouting, hitting himself in the head and then getting upset.  I told her that his behaviour was not acceptable and he needed to leave the home, as I don't want to expose her to this type of behaviour, and the disharmony was becoming an exhausting daily problem. I then began to research ADHD, and why someone would have such an outburst. It turns out that I have so much less knowledge than I thought I had about the condition, and for the 4 years I thought I was helping him, by telling him the right way to do things when he got them wrong, or nagging him to remember things and questioning why he does or doesn't do things, but it has only been making things worse.  I feel so bad for him, knowing that all the time he was getting things wrong he was misguidedly trying to get it right.  However my daughter wants to know when he is leaving as she says she's "done with him" she no longer speaks to him or stays in the same room as him, it has been this way for nearly 3 weeks now, our house is a very quiet sad one.  After gaining my new insight I have organised a Dr appointment to arrange support, but today my daughter asked when is he leaving?? I don't know what to do, I feel stuck in the middle, I feel sad for him, I don't want to end the relationship, but I feel I'm being a bad parent if I let him stay.