My experiment

Is it me or do others see a common similarity that those with ADD seem to use humor more often than non ADDers?  My DH uses humor and prides himself on his humor and "personality".  I don't find him humorous anymore because of all the disappointing and crazy-making stuff he does and doesn't do. I don't feel safe to be care-free and jokey when I am with him. I used to be very funny and witty myself. I miss that person I was.  I don't like the person who I have become.  Anyway, I am going to try to be extremely funny this week.  Just enjoy myself.  See what happens.  I am guessing that we will end up being like the two sillies (which is probably why I stopped being funny myself).  You might ask, "What is so wrong about being silly and having a little fun?"  Silly+Silly=Asinine when no one is being realistic and aware and mature. What could go wrong if I just let myself be happy and put away my worries? I will let you know what transpires during "silly, laughing week".