my first relationship is with an angry adhd sufferer

Hi, I know this site is about adhd and marriage but I couldn't find anything else. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we have talked about marriage, kids and living together. But he gets so angry and it worries me alot. He's agitated in the mornings so I don't know what to expect or say to him. He can be angry on the phone at night and have a go at me, saying I won't have a good career and that everything including my family is stupid and he wants nothing to do with it. He has a go at me if something goes wrong. He calls me a liar sometimes. He always has right. He swears and shouts about little things like struggling with a shoe. I love him but I've never had a boyfriend before and it's a lot to cope with. He always blames his adhd and he also suffers from aspergers. He's on tablets but without them he scares me a bit. I don't think he would hit me but I hate swearing and shouting. I try to avoid him when.he's like this but he has a go at me for walking away. He's a lovely guy when he's on his tablets but I don't know if the things he says when he's in a mood are what he really thinks. I'm a student at the moment and he moans about having to wait for me to get my degree that in his words are pointless and I'll end up in a dead end job anyway. I don't know what to so. My family thinks he's not good enough for me and should treat me better and I'm really close to them. But what if I end it and I've given up something wonderful. The bad times seem to be more and more often though. What should I do?