My Fist Desperate Post.

Hello ladies and gentleman,

This is my first post. I am a middle aged man in his early 50s. I have ADD symptoms. Although I am intelligent, tests have shown that my processing speed is not as fast as it can be in some area.  This might be due to depression, self loathing, or just because of a brain inflicted by ADD. I really am not sure. 

I am college educated. I have a Bachelor's degree. In addition, I have a lot of computer skills. Unfortunately, my work history is poor given someone of my age. Don't get me wrong, I like to work. I like to think I am a hard worker. I show up every day on time and leave on time, for the most part. However, my work history has suffered because of attention issues, but mostly because of issues with depression and moods.  I have not had a full time job since 2009! And like I stated above, my work history is poor. I desperately want to change this.

My work issues are affecting my marriage. It is affecting my self esteem. And I fear I am a bad influence on my daughters.

Is there hope? I am looking into Executive Function and how it might be improved in my life. Also, perhaps a low dosage of Adderall.

I hope there is hope. I am tired of this.