My H doesn't go into work for a week, doesn't call in, yet never gets fired! How does he get away with the lies??

My husband has a problem with going to work. If he's having issues with people at work, or he has some made up ailment (I've heard them all from "I've got the poops" to "My back is acting up" to 'I barely slept last night") or simply doesn't feel like leaving the house that day, he will take the day off. And he sits at a computer and deals with customers on the phone and in person so it's not like it's a physical job where he can't work due to all those ailments. And rarely is it ever just one day. Once he starts not going in, he can't stop. At his last job he got away with being out for literally weeks (once up to 3 weeks!) at a time without pay, without texting or calling in half the time and would go back and he'd still have a job. Granted, his job had a union so he pretty much couldn't get fired.

He has been at his new job for just about a year now, and it started out fine. No union here and it's only a shop of about 35-40 people.Then a couple months in he would take a day off just because, but he'd call in and go back the next day.Then he would take a day off, but not call or text his manager, just not show up. Still he would not get fired and even said that his manager said  when he went in the next day that it was "cool" that he needed a day off. Well about 2 months ago he got so upset with a customer (he never told me this until a few days in of this imaginary sickness he had) that he ended up not going into work for 4 days straight and only texted his manager one of those days that he wouldn't be in. I was so stressed out thinking he'd lose his job, but nope. He came home after going back after all that time and said people were just happy to know he was okay. How did he not get reprimanded for that? How did he not get fired on the spot??

Now this past week he didn't go in at all. Started complaining Tuesday that he had an upset stomach and the chills and his neck hurt. I'll give him one day, but he's cried wolf so many times, I don't know when he's REALLY sick anymore. Then the next day it was just as bad, even though I never saw any signs of him having any of these ailments and that he seemed pretty peppy around me. Thursday he said he was better, but not full strength. Friday I come home and he tells me he feels great, but still didn't go in and Saturday he just didn't go in. The only time he texted his manager was his first day out and the following day...the other 3 days he didn't bother to do anything. And when he did text his manager on the 2nd day he told him he was at the walk in clinic. Funny because he never went! Even Facebook messaged his coworker who worries about him and told him that he was SO dehydrated that he was at the walk-in clinic on IV drip to get hydrated again. Then the next day told the guy he was still sick and on the couch eating crackers and sipping ginger ale, which is funny because we have neither in the house! 

I am sure he'll go back to work tomorrow, but he is just so nonchalant about the whole thing. How can he just simply take days off lying about being sick, not call in, and saunter back into work and expect everything to be okay? Funny thing is, it probably will be! There's even a paragraph in his handbook saying that if you are out more than 3 days in a row in a 6 month period that you are subject to review, but obviously that isn't the case. NOBODY is out sick an entire week! People I work with are sick with the flu and they are back the next day...2 at the most! It infuriates me to the point where I want to just walk in there when I know he's playing the fake sick card and isn't there and act like I am looking for him, only to have them look at me weird and say "I thought he was really sick and at home?" and me go "What? No he's perfectly healthy I don't know why he's not here"! Because he never tells me he's not going in and never lets me know he's not there. He's very secretive about it. He'll wait for me to get home and find him there because he doesn't want to have me upset at work by him not going in.