My H wanted me to see a therapist, now he's upset!

I went to a therapist a couple of years ago, and then stopped.  Since then, H has regularly complained that I need to return (to work on "my"  One reason I stopped going was because my T didn't feel that there was anything wrong with me, except that I needed TO DO LESS for my H!  (which of course, he wouldn't like to have happen!!) I started going back to that same T.   I do NOT discuss with my H what the T and I talk about.   However, that hasn't stopped H from having meltdowns around the time of my T visits.    Two days ago, I casually mentioned to H that an order was being delivered for my business.  A text had popped up on my phone, notifying me of the delivery and I just casually said, "oh, the X is being delivered today."   (no biggie, right)  This is a topic that should NOT evoke any kind of negative response.   As an aside....There had been NO DISCUSSIONS about my upcoming T meeting at all.


But suddenly H says, "oh, of course you haven't told your T about how good I am about letting you order what you want."  (the business pays for it, not H)   So, obviously, my upcoming visit had been "in his head" for awhile and he suddenly "found a way" to weasel it into a conversation in a negative way.


I told him not to assume what I have or haven't said to my T.   He got angry and has been angry ever since (so for two days)