My husband accuses my of lying!

Today my husband and I got in a huge fight! I unloaded the dishwasher, and he asked me when I ran the dishwasher. I have no idea when I ran it!!!! He accused me of "playing dumb" and then he proceeded to throw out tons of clean dishes into the sink. He wanted me to tell the truth, but my truth is that I have no memory of running he dishwasher. He keeps saying, "we both know that you know when you ran the dishwasher." I'm not going to tolerate these lies. He says that I like to lie for fun, and I can't be trusted. I try really hard to tell the truth. The only time I haven't told they truth was when I was scared of his temper. It was never over anything important so he doesn't have a reason to not trust me. Now I have a sink full of clean dishes. Now he wants me to wash them by hand or not come in the room with him and my 3 year old son. He has ADD, but he doesn't take medicine. He is a stay at home dad, but he has never had a job except for 5 months out of 9 years of marriage! He makes me feel awful about myself and calls me names like dummy and stupid in front of my son. When I ask him to stop, he says "if your acting stupid, you get called stupid." He's even gotten my son to say, "Mommy's a dummy." I am a teacher that works everyday. He doesn't clean the house at all, but he complains how dirty it is. Does anyone else have a similar situation?