My husband on adderall

I don't no where else to turn, I need advice from anyone who has taken adderall. My husband was normally social, talkative, caring before taking the medicine. Now on it I've noticed a downward spiral that worries me. He no longer communicates to anyone in the family (even me), what he wants is now put a head of all responsibilities, his lying has increased drastically, and living with him is like living with and angry ghost (I never hear from him and when I pester him for an important conversation, watch out!) We live with his mother and care for her and the aggression has resulted in him no longer welcome in the home. Now I rarely hear from making the situation worse. So I end up with aggression, silence, lying, seeking connections outside our relationship. I keep meaning to leave the relationship but I do love and care for his well being. Any similar histories? Please pass some advice to help him