Is my husband addicted to adderall

Recently married and my husband takes both the extended release and the quick release of adderall daily.  He sees a family doctor for this.  I have noticed that he stays up all night and gets super focused on a house project and literally cannot lay down at night.  He will stay up all night and go to work the next day.  This will occur for about a week or so and then he will crash and sleep a ton.  I have tried discussing this with him and he gets very angry.  I asked to attend a doctors appointment with him and he told me to search the internet that it would answer all of my questions regarding ADHD.  He says his doctors appointments are, "private".  I am frustrated.  I told him his not sleeping impacts me as well.  He says I nag like his mother.  I feel I have no choice but to nag when I have to pull him from his home project at 2am because he hasn't slept and needs to get back up for work at 6am.  Open to any and all suggestions at this point.