My husband doesn't think he needs a driver's license.

Hello im new on here, i happen to stumble on this site, ive been stressed about my relationship with my husband, and after reading some posts on here, it does seem like his ADHD is what makes him the way he is. Ive known he has it, he had issues in school because of it, but i never realized how it affects him as an adult until now. He has the obssesive tendencies and anxieties. 

But my main search for advice is for the fact that he seems to think that he doesnt need a drivers lisence. He has a permit, and when he does drive I am in the car. He is 29 years old (im 23) i got mine when i was 21 due to circumstance, his was for the same reason (i thought) for a long time, but now its to the point where i even ask him to drive and he gets angry amd irritable amd turns into a piss pot, he is easily irritable in general, which i think his anxiety surfaces as anger, which he admits he has but absolutely refuses to go to counsling or get any help. Its becoming a very large stresser for me, i have social anxiety as well, and panic anxiety and seasonal depression, ive been on and off pills and go to therapy bi weekly. But anyway i really dont know what to do, i feel like we cant even think to start a family or be able to move out of the crappy small rural town we live in till he gets it amd is comfortable driving himself, we work at the same place across the street so it works for now but i cant stand to live here the rest of my life and he has stated he wants to move to this better town about 40 minutes away and i love going there but its like he doesnt grasp if we do that he has to be able to drive. I feel like i cant rely on him... any thoughts?