My husband left today.

My husband (ADHD) and I separated today. We've been having severe marital problems for over a year.  I had found out yesterday that he was looking for rooms to rent and calling family court so I asked him about it, he blew up (as he's been doing about anything I try to talk about in the last two years) left and didn't return until this morning.  He packed his things and said it is over.  He does not believe our marriage can work because we have different personalities (who doesn't?). I had already decided if he didn't agree to individual counseling for him (I'm already going) and marriage counseling for us, that I would ask him to leave.  Our marriage has become too volatile, too angry, too uncomfortable and I can't do it anymore.  If he is willing to get counseling I would reconsider,  but I think that will take God to convince him of that and God to heal my issues of self esteem and lack of self worth. I have a small business that I run from home which is not enough income to maintain the household but I have a college degree and teaching credential so I will be looking for a job.  I have been out of the job market 5 years and I'm scared to death.  Scared to death of it all.  But, I am a person of faith and believe that God will see us through it.  We have a 15 year old son who I am trying to comfort and make life as normal as possible for him.  It has been a terrible year. My mom died in February, I had to be nurse to my husband when he had unexpected surgery and now this. I am so worn down and worn out.  But, I can do this.