My husband used this many years ago and he said it worked!

My husband was very sick about 6 years ago,he has ADHD and was not sure what he had at the time,BUT,when the economy was falling and he was about to lose his house,boat,cars "everything"he fell very ill with mental and physical exhaustion,and he was not eating,sleeping,he could not work and do anything,he got symptoms of bad bad depressions,heart palpitation's,and he thought he was going to die.I was not with him at the time that was when he was even going through his first divorce,and the kids mother also took him out financially "big time" which caused a huge financial problem,resulting in the foreclosure of his house,business etc:,he said he could not take it no more so he packed up his bags and headed to Costa Rica,where he had intentions to spend the rest of his living days.When he landed there he said that he just felt like eating for some reason,and which he had not done in 6 months prior,so he sat down and ate a "big" piece of fish.Then he said that when he went back to the room he was staying at, he had 2 big packs of yogurt, and he drank down one,he said then suddenly he felt the urge to throw up, and he felt even worse than he was feeling before, and he was trying to eat healthy since he lost a lot of weight due to the problems back home,so then he was treated for food poisoning,and the doctor asked him"why are you looking so bad!!is something wrong"then he proceed to tell the doctor what was wrong and the doctor told him he have "mental and physical exhaustion" and he prescribed something called"sarjana forty"I am not sure if I spelled it right but,it is 10 vile's in a pack, and the doctor told him to take that and he said it worked,he got back his appetite,he was not angry no more, in fact it helped him with his ADHD and focus,and everything,he believes in this really bad, but is unfortunately able to travel for it at the moment,he even told me that our relationship would improve.He wanted me to share his story and see if it might help any one else.He said it took him about 45 min and he was back on track,ready to try and save his house,took the divorce much better,in fact it saved his life,the heart palpitations went away.Note:it has all returned for example,the depressions,etc:It only helped him when he was taking it.He is not presently taking it.