My husband's doctor is nuts!

Ok so...been a little over two weeks since my husbands diagnoses and he isn't liking the way the meds make him feel.  He said that they are making his depression worse and he has no energy, which is understandable, meds need to be big deal.  So he calls his doctor, yesterday, to make an appointment and the doctor (brilliant person that he is--yes that was sarcastic) tells him not to bother coming in, quit taking all the meds completely (which means his depression medication also) and he will see him in two weeks and they will try something completely new. This is because he "wants all the medication out of his system completely).  What the hell is this man thinking!!!!????

So here I sit on our anniversary, by myself because he has shut himself in the bedroom.  We are supposed to go camping for the weekend on Thursday and that probably wont happen either.  I asked him if he was going to call his counselor to set up an appointment, so that they could possibly set up some kind of plan for the next two weeks so that his depression and anger problems can be kept somewhat in check and I got "I don't need that damn therapist", "you always want to change me and make me the problem"!  No I didn't mention the depression or the anger or the ADHD, just mentioned a plan.  So now thanks to the medical doctor we are right back where we were a little over a year ago before he started taking anything.  Hes made SOOOOOO much progress and now its gonna be for nothing.

The wind has totally been taken out of my sails....I see nothing positive coming out of this!