My mind is blown!

I've been struggling in my marriage for years. It's been very confusing because none of the problems in our relationship were there before we got married, which wad immediately followed by my husband's big promotion. More than anything, I was struggling to understand why "stress" causes my husband to become so distant and distracted that he doesn't even notice me touching him: it's like being affectionate with a statue!!! I never get that way no matter how stressed I am!

Our niece (his sister's daughter) was recently diagnosed with ADHD and then I had a revelation: "She's so much like my MIL, who confuses me to no end! Could my MIL have ADHD, too?" A bit of research into that topic lead me to the book "Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?" and my mind has been completely blown! ALL the problems in our relationship are in this book! I didn't realize they could ALL have a central cause! 

I'm excited to have an explanation for my husband's behavior (other than he's fallen out of love with me, which is a theory he ardently disagrees with). I'm feeling very encouraged that there's an explanation for his behavior other than "he doesn't care"! I'm still a little reserved about it because I'm scared that maybe this isn't it and things won't get easier. But he's agreed to talk to a physician and try medication so I'm hopeful for the first time in half a decade! 

I'm looking forward to learning from this forumand those of you who have more experience and understanding about this!!!