My non ADHD spouse left me

I discovered my adhd 1 week after my partner left me, after she told me why she left me. I am now diagnosed with ADHD at age 25 but she just doesn't understand or want to try, I had to understand her social anxiety but she can't understand this.... I am now medicated and a "better" version of myself, I am in therapy and making huge improvements :-) is it wrong that she doesn't want to try and at least see if I have changed? even after she told me she still loves me 

In your boat

I'm going through a similar experience right now. It hurts to not have the person you want most in life be there to encourage you as you change your life for the better. Unfortunately, some are not willing to do so, regardless of how much you change or how much you want her to be there. You have to focus on yourself. You can't do anything to change her mind or how she feels. The way she feels is based on the past and some people cannot move past the hurt caused by ADHD in their relationships. Maybe she'll come back, maybe she won't. Maybe you'll meet someone better that can compliment you and be a better match for you. Regardless of the outcome, focus on your strengths and learn how to control your weaknesses so you can feel confident that the outcome will be a positive one.

I'm very sorry

Good job on pursuing treatment despite her refusal to reconsider.  It is still early in the process and she is probably not fully aware of how pervasive ADHD can be in a relationship, and distrustful of whether the changes will be permanent. Roadtorecovery said it well, focus on what you can do.  Perhaps you could suggest she read Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD, and possible future joint counseling.  Best wishes on your new path.