That's it!!!! over finish!!!!! he took me for granted,ADHD OR NONE,he ruined me,I have been doing everything possible to save my marriage,I put up with his nonsense and he just don't get it!!! he pushed me away this time for good!!! the porn the watching of the women the verbal abuse the time he ruined my birthday,EVERYTHING,I have read books,blogged here,search and search for answers when all he had to do was work on him!!!!!! he never did and still don't want to change!! I have so many things to look forward to in my life and he is no help for me, he is bringing me down with his nasty behaviors and I am sick of it!!! I lived according to his lifestyle,I put UP with the torture,the mental and emotional abuse,all of it to try with him b/c I loved him dearly, he was supposed to be there for me also but he can't.What am I supposed to do!!!

Last night he crushed me for the 1,000 time,he went out looking all dazzling and left me home wondering were he was at for the whole night!!! I can't take this type of abuse,it is sending me crazy,I have blogged here about my whole marriage with him and the things he did to me!!! what a horrible experience,I have been hurt soo bad by him!! he has no idea what he did to me this time.I spend my days and nights and all my spare time trying to come up with ways to make this work,but it was only me that was making the effort not him!!

Today he is calling my phone nonstop to make me get upset for his sick reasons again!! I switched off my phone and I am changing my number,I am not doing this again,I would find other things to do with my time,I will find back my friends and hang out and go back to school and continue to work and take care of my kids.I am DONE living for him it's my time to LIVE now!!!