My Wife and I....The Odd Couple

Just a quick post to say that my wife and I had a good day together. In all my thinking, writing and processing lately....I made a reference to the movie "The Odd Couple" with Walter Mathou and Jack Lemmon saying I needed to watch it again (after 30 + years? ). I suggested it too my wife after telling her that I made this mention because I thought it was such a perfect comparison to the two of us in more ways than one. Anyway.....yesterday was movie day and we sat and watched it again with a new set of eyes. It was really great (in our case) to see US being enacted out in such a humorous way. The entire movie was the two of us pointing and laughing at them and each other in how ridiculous so much of what we do (and how we do it).....really is when you see it presented in such a poignantly funny way....including all the arguments, fighting and situations that have become synonymous in our relationship. It was a great way to see each other from the others point of view! Two extremes that drive the other one nuts!

Not so much any more....that was really the reason in making this post to say. We've both come a long way together if both of us can laugh at ourselves like this at the same time.

When Walter Mathou threw the "Linguini" against the wall and stood there and defied Jack Lemmon to try and clean it up refusing to let him do it.....I thought I was going to pee my pants.

It was a good day and we both laughed a lot:)