at my wit's end!

My husband was just diagnosed with ADHD but has not yet started meds. We've been together four years, married not quite a year. In the beginning of our relationship he was helpful (to a degree). For his birthday I bought him a motorcycle. Now all he does is work on that. He completely blows me off and every time I mention his lack of attention (which was a problem before) he says I'm jealous of the bike. We are currently doing a lil mini home project-stripping and restaining all the baseboards and doors of our house-and by we I mean me. I can't begin to count the number of times I've talked to him about helping and how itd show he cares and yet he's spent no more than 20 minutes on it. I probably wouldn't be so mad if he hadn't agreed to help before we started AND I hadn't gotten into a minor car accident that left me unable to do it for a week. My question is is this typical for someone with ADHD or is he just being a jerk? If its ADHD, is there any way to motivate him to help? I'm new to all of this and we are seeing a therapist to help with his depression and adhd. But I feel like a once a week appointment isn't enough to keep me from blowing a gasket.