At my wit's end!

I am at my wit's end! My husband is in a union and really hates his job. He doesn't really hate the job he just can't seem to get along with anyone he works with and I am sure he is the problem not them. When he has a blowout with someone at work or someone rubs him the wrong way or accuses him of not doing his job, he'll take days off without pay. Ever since he started getting FMLA about 3 years ago he takes time off for anything from a headache, to not getting enough sleep, to wanting to stay home and play video games to simply not wanting to go to work. He "only" gets 4 days off a month for FMLA and he never needs to have a doctor's note or anything just needs to have it re certified every 6 months or so. Yet he takes way more time off than that and doesn't get fired.

He is currently on day 7 of not going to work. These spurts happen every few months. Sometimes it's just a day and other times it's weeks off. One time last year he didn't go in for a full month! He has given multiple excuses from stomach aches to no sleep to whatever but it comes down to he's sick of his job. He has worked in multiple areas of the factory and never staying long because he has issues with at least one person. He asked me last night if there were any openings where I work. I told him about 3 months ago that a job opened up that his MIGHT be able to do (unlikely though) and asked if he wanted to see the job posting. He was all excited and said definitely. I printed it out and handed it to him and he promptly told me to put it on the coffee table and he'd look at it shortly. 3 days went by and the paper never moved. I asked him if he looked at it. He took about a 5 second glance at it and said "Well I'm so ingrained at my job now that I'll just stick it out there". I don't think he's motivated to even update his resume. 

He now has been asking a friend about a job on the ferries but there's no jobs available and you have to pay $4000 just to get into the union. He JUST maxed out in pay too at his current job. Made a $12/hr jump in May to $36 an hour. Said how we'd be on easy street from here on out. He has yet to work a full paycheck to see just what that would be. He couldn't pay his share of bills or mortgage at $24/hr and even with what he is making now is only coming home with $800 a paycheck after child support and his loan payments are taken out. His next paycheck will only have 3 days on it rather than 10!

He will never find a job that pays as much as his one does now. Of course I should have known when he maxed out that he would immediately want to find another job where he'll probably have to start at $15/hr. If I bring up how I hate he's doing this he'll immediately get defensive and tell me I have a great job and don't know what it's like to work with idiots and how he needs to find a job where he's happy. I agree, but not if it means moving to the bottom of the ladder again at 46 years old to most likely start a job that you'll hate in 2 months anyways.

What can I do to convince him to stay at his job and go to work? He doesn't want to go to his job, he doesn't want to seem to take the time to update his resume. It's like he wants someone to say "We don't need to interview you or look at your background but here's a job that pays $30/hr and you can start tomorrow!"