The myth of the "hidden disability"

I have been reading a bit lately about ADHD and this idea of how it is hidden compared to a person with some more obvious disability. I find the comparison to a blind person to be particularly amusing and misplaced because ...

After running into a couple walls a blind person would no longer deny the problem.

In my experience that is simply untrue of an ADHD person. Instead, the ADHD person rationalizes their predicament by claiming they are not running into the same walls so that is somehow different.

After helping a blind person cross a busy street they will be grateful. The ADHD person will claim the helper is actually the source of the problem because they failed to stop all traffic for them.

After helping a blind person navigate a trail they will likely listen to your recommendation as to where to cross the stream. The ADHD person will argue your choice of crossing is wrong and jump in with both feet. In short order after rescuing them from the rapids, and dragging their waterlogged ass to safety the ADHD person will spin it in their own warped  mind that they are some kind of hero for surviving their harrowing experience.

A blind person understands they must adapt themselves to the world around them. An ADHD person expects the world around them to adapt to them.

That is lunacy. Grow up.