Wow.  I thought I was so anal and out of line with my constant "nagging."  I thought it was an unfair stamp and it made me feel like my mother.  I've read that evil word a few times now and it's all too familiar around my place.

I'm the non ADD 'wife' and he's yet to be diagnosed properly (however that's done) but we both see that all signs are pointing north, so I'm rolling with the new assumption... the current name/title/label in a long line of assumptions including, but not limited to; bipolar, depression, general anxiety, PTSD, procrastination.... who knew there was something that rolled it all into one giant sandwich?  ADD... or add as he's gotten tired of saying A.D.D.

Over the years I've had to back off a lot and bite my tongue a lot.  I get pretty resentful over some things when I have to do them myself to have them done right.  And it's a struggle for me not to scream for the 50th time "Why can't you hang a hand-towel nicely so it'll dry properly??"  But I bet it's a pretty big struggle for him to actually do the vacuuming or clean the bathroom, half-assed though it may be and not up to my hyper-critical standards.  I guess his "I just don't think of it" answer is valid after-all.  When he was drying his hands he was just thinking about what it would be like to own a miniature flying hippo... or whatever it is that adders think about.

Hello.  Yes, I am sarcastic.