My husband has not been successful with any conventional ADHD medications. We have tried several alternative treatments and are still searching for solutions. 

I would encourage you to consider trying this over the counter supplement. My husband has been using it for about three weeks and has experienced some promising results. 

The very first time he took the supplement he sat down at the computer and worked for a solid four hours. He said that it would usually take him a week to accomplish what he was able to accomplish in four hours. He said that his work was much more streamlined and he didn’t go off on so many rabbit trails.

Yesterday he finished some very lengthy and tedious monthly reports two weeks early. He usually completes them several days late.

I noticed with one activity that we did together that he was more content and less extreme.  

Today he said to me, “I feel like I’m seeing things more clearly now.”  He didn’t elaborate on his statement and I didn’t want to grill him on it. But I have to believe it’s a really good sign.

The product is Nano Glutathione from Nanoceutical Solutions.