Natural Supplement Treatment Remedies - Suggestions Please!

Hi there,

I stumbled across this site by chance and have been really impressed by the community and support offered.  Good stuff.  That said, I'm a first time forum poster.  Here goes.

My husband was diagnosed with ADD about a year ago.  It wasn't a surprise and in fact, in retrospect we were shocked he went so long before a formal diagnosis.  It's a long story, but he went on medication (Adderall and then Vyvanse) and it seemed to help provide mental clarity and motivation for a bit, but eventually had some adverse side effects that were destructive to him and our marriage.  He's since gone off the medication.  We're now exploring some more natural remedies.  I've done some research online and found several resources that site Ginkgo Biloba, Omega-3 (fish oil), L-Tyrosine, Skullcap, Pine Bark extract and Vitamin D as helpful natural remedies.  Yes, I know these likely won't provide as "fast a fix" as rx medication offers, but it's important we at least try a more natural route.  I'm convinced he has some deficiencies that when treated could help relieve his ADD a bit.  He's also getting blood work done soon to see if anything pops up there. 

Any suggestions you have for natural supplements that have worked would be very helpful.  Even if you only saw slight improvement.  That's better than nothing!

Additionally, we've also read that a diet rich in protein and low in carbs and sugar helps provide more energy and increase brain function.  It's worth a shot, eh?  So if you've had luck with a diet plan, I'm all ears too.

Thanks in advance!