need advice from the guys with ADD

So here is my dilemma.  We have $ problems.  I know what we need to do to get started on the right track.  I go to DH and tell him we got something urgent in the mail and we need to act.  That was Monday morning.  He said we would go over it that afternoon.  Its is Thursday.  Still haven't gone over it yet.  Always happens this way.  And I let things go (which is how we got into the $ mess we are in).  I have been reading and trying everything to help him, me, and our marriage.  In my reading, I come across something a woman wrote that said wives need to support their husbands but not take over because having the woman take over emasculates the husband.  So what now?  I know what we need to do.  Putting it off and waiting on him is going to potentially cause more problems.  But if I try to handle things on my own, I run the risk of upsetting him.  Any advice?