need to change the heading of this forum

The heading of this forum really needs to change--there is no communication with ADHD, none.  DH, me and the 17 year old are headed to a movie this afternoon.  DH came in with his laptop to order the tickets online.  I told him the credit card number, etc., and he ordered them.  I said we should leave about noon to get to the mall (I have to drop my laptop off for service in the same mall) and then head to the movie.  He gets done putting in the credit card info and tells me the total then says so what time do you want to leave for the mall?  I had said we should leave at noon less than 10 minutes before that.  I understand ADHD people cannot/will not pay attention to a gosh darn thing THEY don't deem important, so he didn't retain what I said moments before and it's not that big of an issue, just geez--how do these people function in every day life??  My DH has a big job.  It's not going to last very long.  He has gotten fired every three years from the last three jobs he has had and I don't wonder why.  That is ridiculous.

Not looking for any advice, just venting.