Everybody NEEDS attention

In one of the lists of primary human needs, the need to give and receive attention is listed as NUMBER 1!   "Attention is a form of nutrition and without the right quality and quantity we will suffer mental and even physical distress and illness. It's vital to understand the importance of how much and of what quality attention we give and receive in life to feel happier and have the space in our minds to focus on long term dreams and goals."  Hypnosis Downloads

........  I have been starving for attention and didn't know it. Partly my own fault - playing the strong silent type. Partly being married to ADD guy who "does his own thing" most of the time.  Anyway tomorrow's first agenda is to get some attention for myself.  It is time to stop my own judging and not care what people think.  If my needing attention makes someone think I am a bore or selfish, that is for them to think.  I NEED some attention.  I have been giving it but not receiving it for way too long.  I am trying to do what I can do with ME because I am starting to realize I must stop trying to change DH into something I thought I needed him to be for me.  Enough attention for me to be emotionally confident is not going to come from him.  I will find it somewhere.  Time to be my own best friend and get out there and LIVE.