Need Help


 I have recently finished reading the book.  I am getting married in about 44 days, however my future wife and I have some issues.  I believe the major issues are coming from my ADHD and looking for some help and suggestions what do. 

Basically, thought our three years of dating I have issues that seem to continue to go in a cycle.  I tend to be inconsiderate, become defensive and do what I want to do (not terrible things).  I would never cheat on her, I never cheated on anyone in my life.  She can be uncomfortable with my friends as well as my family sometimes.  People tend to have their options and views as I have changed since we have been together.  The way I communicate has also been a problem, I tend to use words or convey the wrong messages, at this point, we are getting ready to get married.  My wife to be lost all trust in me,  she thinks I am shady, I hid things and feels I don't think she is special anymore and I wouldn't/didn't take the extra steps to show her.

She thinks I don't love her as much as she loves me, when the truth of the matter is, I do love her very much, I do think she is very special to me, however my actions don't show her this.  

I am looking for some advice on how I can tell her/show her i do care about her, I do love her and I do want this to work.

Please help!