Need Help in Colorado Fast!

My wife has ADHD and it has never been treated properly (she really just found out she had it). We need an ADHD specialist. We are tired of using doctors that "sort of know about it" and just throw medicine at you. Can anyone recommend a specailist in the Denver Metro area? Thanks A Insanely Frustrated Husband about to Loose it :-)

Finding Help

Usually you can call your local CHADD group for information about who is in your area.  ADDA also has a listing of people around the country on their web site.

Melissa Orlov

Help in Colorado

I am seeking a place that my husband and I can go to see if he indeed has ADD.  After reading your post I checked the CHADD website as well as the other website offered.  Neither one showed anyone available in CO except for one place in Durango.  That's not hopeful is it?  I am also in Colorado, Northern CO.



Help in CO

Try calling any of these folks...the numbers may be old, but it's a start to see if people know people in the area:

ADD Women's Support Group - 303-320-4425

CHADD of Colorado - 303-646-5299

Denver Treatment Center for Adult ADD  303-322-1291

ADD Adult Support in Fort Collins 970-223-1338

These may be old numbers, but try them in any event.  Usually, in the world of ADD someone knows someone else who knows...

You get the idea.  Also, many psychiatrists can do the initial diagnosis.