NEED help now Wife with ADD

Me and my wife have been married 12 years and i am lost she found out she has ADD i am like ok that is what the Doc says less go with it. she can not keep anything organizied before she started the medicine. things seemed to get better even with sex everyone would say that is great. but here is where it goes off the track she does a lot of research on her side with ADD but does not see my side i say something and she gets a whole another meaning out of it. i told her not to blame everything on ADD or her past but accept some responcibility just like it says in the books she gets i don't support her. how did that happen. well i have kept us together all these years and i really don't want to lose her but to be honest with all of this i am running out of steam. if things are not done the way she has figuired it out or excatly like the doctor says do something i am the worst person in the world and don't care even though she does not see me trying another problem with ADD. i can not measure up and she will not try to see my side how do i work to help fix an invisable problem especially when she will not even let me try. she says her brain does not work a certain way but after doing my own research that is not intirly true. it really seems like she wants to push me away instead of us working on it together. medicine is a tool not a cure. the other part is for her to work at it and try. when willshe try to work to understand my point of view and how i feel. i have done all the carring for this family i am just asking for someone who will not always try to see something that i am not saying and listen to what i am trying to tell her about how i feel. PLEASE Help