Need moral support this week

I am going through a hard time emotionally right now, because my older daughter is graduating from college next week, and I'm finding it difficult to separate my thoughts and memories of her time at college from what else has happened at the same time.  Just before she graduated from high school, approximately four years ago, my husband was fired from his job.  Although he earns a little money by working for his parents, he has not looked for a job since getting fired.  Things have been and continue to be hard for us financially, even though I've been able to work more.  My health has suffered significantly because of the stress of being the main breadwinner and the person who does the vast majority of other things to keep our household functioning.  I know, logically, that things could have been worse and that we're still better off than many people, but I'm just so sad to have my life shrouded by my husband's ineffectively treated brain disorder.  I would love to have any of you wise and compassionate people try to help me feel better this week!