Need outside perspective, angry, hurt, fed up

I have question, Im 44 wife with add and have had PTSD for three yes, husband is 44 has ADHD, he refuses to negotiate or compromise about anything, he with holds money, we have lost everything, my car was repoed 6 weeks ago, he stated no intentions of plan for me vehicle to drive, we have nine ur old daughter, I caught him with porn on his phone, he still gets defensive if I hold him accountable, he does not ask my input about any decisions he makes and says that in order to repair our marriage , " he needs me to respect him and fu-- him frequently with enthusiasm ".  I have told him that is not way a christian man speaks to his wife or leads Hus family, I ask him to see my point of view and he says" I'm not going to submit to your feminist bs". And claims I'm ungodly wife, and basically he has nothing to correct.  Exactly how am I to respond to this inappropriate disrespectful behavior where he will listen?????