Need some insight on this question. Please help.


I have a decision to make here and have no real good info to help support me going one way or another on it - so I thought I'd pose the question here and maybe I can get some good insight from others to help me figure this out.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get my husband to quit smoking pot for about 9 years now.  I push the issue, he says he will, he tries to and maybe stops for about a month at the most, then goes right back to it every time.  He has back problems and says he needs the pot to relieve his pain, and that's why he can't stop.  He says he doesn't want to smoke, but we have no health insurance and  he's getting no treatment for his back issues, so no hope right now for that to get better. 

I have been trying to get him to begin some sort of treatment for his ADHD (he's been officially diagnosed since 04) for eight years.  He shows significant problems in day to day life with time management, memory, ability to deal with responsibilities, low frustration tolerance, and impulsivity.  Hence, my desire to get him treatment and help.... and thus getting my relationship and his relationship with his 4 year old help as a result (as is, all is connected).  When we decided to try treatment, the first condition to that was that he needed to stop smoking, which seemed to me necessary because you can't effectively monitor improvements in memory, following through, time management, etc when you are smoking pot daily.  Since he has not quit, we have not been able to begin any treatment. 

After 9 years of failing to get him to stop, I'm beginning to resign myself that he may never do so, or at least no time soon.  I can't force him to, he needs to want to, so it's out of my control. 

So, here's my question.  Is it worth it to try medication for the ADHD symptoms despite the fact that he is smoking - or is it not worth it because the effects of smoking will just counteract the treatment?  Does anyone have any insight to this?  Honestly, any improvements will be welcome as our family suffers regularly from the effects of adhd.

As a final note. I have tried a few alternate treatments (ie, offering fish oil daily, changing our diets, etc, but those have not provided any significant differences).  

Thank you for your time and insight, I very much appreciate it.