Need Suggestions from ADDers - Son getting frustrated with college class and unable to take notes

My son has ADD and has always struggled with school.  His new class started today and he is already getting frustrated and is in a bad mood due to the struggle that he is having over taking notes.  He was on Vyvanse for a long time but it started to not agree with him and he stopped.   In two weeks, he is seeing his doctor and I want him to try Focalin.  Is there anyone who has taken this medication and did it help with note taking.  Any other suggestions to get through a college class from anyone with ADD?  Has anyone had success with any ADD medications that we don't hear much about?  He has tried all the familiar ones.  Unfortunately, I don't see him recording the lectures and then taking notes off the recording.  Any suggestions will be helpful.  Thank you!

Notes in class

My ex's daughter qualified for a program for ADHD kids that offered extra help in high school and college. Could he get someone to take notes for him? Or if he talked to the teacher, would they give him copies of their notes? My son dropped out of college early. But after a year or so, he got all his certifications for an electrician! Lots of studying and lots of memorization, but no notes and it was short term studying. Maybe college isn't something that will work out for your son, but that doesn't mean he can't  do well in a field he is interested in.