Need to vent!

OMG!!  Today is NOT going well!!  My dh's old counselor called and discussed the bill with him, after I made it a point to ask them to NOT talk to him about it.  I have been making payments but the balance is high due to complications with my insurance (things that in a million years my dh will not "get" and will only piss him off).  Well my dh calls me at work (I'm not supposed to get or make personal calls) and completely freaks out.  When I tried to tell him we would talk when he picked me up from work he hung up on I don't even know if hes picking me up, as he wont answer the phone.  He doesn't seem to remember that it was his idea to go to counseling that time and he chose to end it when the counselor told him he was wrong.  His version is that the bill is my fault because I made us go to counseling we didn't need and now because of me we owe a bunch of money.  I called the secretary for the counselor and asked why they called my house and talked to him and they were like "well we needed to know how much the next payment was going to be and he started asking questions, were sorry".  Uggggg!!!!  Soooooo much for moving in a positive direction.

Then I have a job interview this evening and I'm not sure if I will get there either!!  Its my dream job and it would be a big positive for us, more pay and I wouldn't be stressed out all the time like I am with my current job.  My stomach is just churning......I hate stress!!!!!!  Thank you for letting me vent, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.