Needing to vent about my ADHD husband

We just got rid of our couch recently.  It was torn up and springs were popped up from my kids jumping on it.  My husband went to Costco to look for a replacement.  He found a white, leather couch he wanted.  I told him there is no way I want a white, leather couch.  The kids would ruin it and I don't find leather to be comfortable.  He insisted I look at it, which I did.  I found another one there that I wanted and sent him pictures.  He went back to Costco to look at it while I was at work.  He called me at work to tell me the white, leather couch was marked down to $900 because it was the last one.  Once again, I said I don't want that couch and could he look at the other one.  When I got home from work, I found out that he purchased the one he wanted anyway.  I was livid!  He insisted I told him to do what he wanted.  If I did say that, it was regarding whether or not to buy the couch I liked, not the one he wanted.  I have only told him multiple times I didn't want that couch.  I told him I'm not helping him move it inside, so he had my 13 year old daughter help him.  Right now, I'm refusing to sit on it.

I was angry and went to bed early.  He decided to go out with a friend of his to a strip club.  He does not go to strip clubs very often thank goodness.  He told me he was going and I told him not to spend much money because we have to pay a $540 energy bill.  When I asked how it was, he told me that he talked to some stripper who convinced him to do a private dance and that it was cost more than he expected ($60).  He also paid $20 to get in and bought drinks.  I told him it's too bad he didn't get sex for that amount of money because I'm not giving him any for awhile.  He said that he might get some later because the stripper wants to go out with him and his best friend to a nightclub.  I know he was joking about the sex part, but I have no doubt that the stripper probably did give her number to them.  He and his best friend are both very attractive and charming, so it doesn't surprise me.  I left the house for work angry and upset.  I cried in the McDonalds drive-thru this morning.

My husband knows I've been upset the past couple of days over some issues with friends of mine and now he has added to my stress.  He just doesn't think.  Things have been better since he started Adderall last September, but I am still dealing with his impulsive decisions and forgetfulness on a daily basis.  I love him very much, but I find myself pissed off at him so often.