Neglect and Indecisiveness

Ok im going to try to keep this brief.


Fiance lied about taking meds for condition and consistently stated how they didnt help him while pretending to take pills in front of me. Found pills stashed in backpack day before bridal shower. I cancelled the wedding since he lied for 6 months to me, and did not have a shred of remorse for his actions. We have not been intimate in close to a year, nor does he desire to be. On Christmas Eve, I was given a gift of ammo and gun gear, rather than anything I asked for, and when I told him that as much I as i appreciated that he was excited that I enjoyed hunting with him, I found it selfish that he bought a gift that would benefit him rather than wanting to give me something I wanted. I bought him everything he asked for. Later that evening, I found an objectionable object in the shower that he used to pleasure himself. After consistently denying me intamacy, I was hurt. So, at this point, for the past year of our 3 year relationship, he consistently lies, neglects me, wont help with responsibilities, cost me several thousands of dollars on wrecks, breaking a lease for a job move, and forgetting about a ticket which went to warrant, he will not call or text me, and forgets anything I ask of him. So I asked him to move out and determine if he wanted to be single since his behaviour pointed highly to a single life. Fast forward 2 months, I might hear from him twice a week, he wont spend the night, still not intimate. However when I asked him to help pack up the wedding items to get rid of them he was dumbfounded because "we would be using these". I told him as understandingly as I could that I believed that he wanted out since I was not a priority, nor was trying to get us in a better place. He had promised he would take the meds and pursue me after he moved out to get good with me. He has not done either. Tonight at 8 pm he texted me claiming he was unable to get to the phone because he was on call. I know its a crock of crap since he had time to drive home from work and get dinner. He was supposed to spend the night this weekend and have a good date weekend with me. At 8:00 his text was, i was busy, you still want me to come. Im sorry, Im so mad.....this is the crap he pulls every weekend. How can he be so deluded that we have a future when this is how he acts. I guess this is my fault because I keep hoping he will actually miss the the 2 years of good "us" and act like Im a person and not an afterthought.  How much neglect can a person take before its time to give up? I remember several people asking him why he loved me, and he said he didnt know, and then they would ask "well, what attracted you to her" and his answer would be "I dont know", there doesnt seem to be anything that shows he loves me at all.