Negotiating cuddling and hugging in mornings

So I'm one of those wives who likes to hug and cuddle in the morning as part of connecting with my husband. It's hard for me to just wake up and go on my phone to do stuff or watch a show without quieter time to wake up and connect with him. I've found its what I'm drawn to in the morning because it helps me feel connected and loved, helps me get a sense of our day, get our relationship secure again as it can very up and down and opens me up to more connecting things with him. When he's okay emotionally he has enjoyed these type of mornings as well. But with his ADHD, he finds the quiet hard and not going on his phone for stimulation hard and not watching tv or going on Facebook, etc hard. I've adapted with him to have headphones on where he can listen to music or whatever but that isn't enough for him he says now. He needs something visual. But having him watch tv while I want one on one attention doesn't feel connecting to me first thing in the morning. I've also adapted to him watching with one hand on his phone but it feels like it's taking away from me still. He gets very anxious without stimulation very quickly though. I'm not sure if it's a learnt behaviour to counter his anxiety or he really needs stimulation almost the entire time he's awake. 

Has anyone else dealt with needing stimulation like a phone almost all of their waking hours? Found ways to meet that in bed when their spouse wants one on one time without distractions?