I realize that this is the wrong forum for this topic. I wanted to put it here so more of you would see it. If the moderator needs to delete it or move it, I understand.

i just want to encourage all of you not to give up hope. Please consider seeking out a counselor that utilizes neurofeedback in his/her practice. My son (ADHD/ODD) and husband (ADHD)have been receiving neurofeedback treatments off and on since June. I can honestly say that the dynamics of our family have dramatically improved!!

My son's ADHD was so severe that he was unable to exist in a traditional classroom. I have had to homeschool him for the last five years. However, this year he is a freshman in public school and on the "A" honor roll. This truly seems like a miracle. My son's ODD caused him to act so horribly towards me, my husband, and my daughter that we couldn't even plan activities as a family. We had keep everyone separated almost all the time. Now he is very pleasant towards all of us and I've been able to plan a family trip during the holidays. 

My husband's results have not been as drastic. However, he is much more "present" with me. He is much less distant. 

Our quality of life has truly improved because of these treatments.