Neurofeedback anyone?

My husband and son are currently receiving neurofeedback (NFB) treatments for their ADHD. We live in the boonies and couldn't find a professional NFB trainer within 300 miles so we rented a home machine for $800 a month. Some insurance providers will cover the cost. Renting is actually much cheaper when you consider how many treatments a family can do in one month as opposed to $80+ per treatment from a professional. 


After treatments I see a pretty dramatic change in my son's attitude. He focuses better, he is more cooperative, and he's willing to eat a larger variety of foods. However, the results are very short lived....only a few hours. But this is how I understand the treatments work. The results in the beginning are very brief. The results lasts longer and longer with each treatment until they finally run together and become permanent. He's had about 20 treatments so far and they've been kind of sporadic because he's spent a total of four weeks at camp this summer, off and on. I'm very hopeful, though. 

My husband works such long hours and I have such little contact with him it's hard to see any results, if there are any. He also does his treatments at night, right before bed. So if there are short term results at this point, I think he's sleeping through them. I have had some conversations with him where he seemed more in tune with me. Once again, I'm very hopeful. 

Im also trying to get them both to improve their diets and take supplements such as healthy oils for their brain. This is much easier said than done. But I think it can improve the potential benefits of the NFB treatments.