Never being able to talk

     The hardest thing now, with my adhd husband, is never being able to talk about myself in any way, shape or form. I can't tell him how I feel about something, (ANYTHING), or any opinions, or even maybe something silly. I have to keep EVERYTHING to myself and only talk about him and what HE  wants to talk about. When I DO get to jump in a conversation, he listens for about 30 seconds before turning the conversation back to himself.

     He gets terribly IMPATIENT when I need to explain something to him (that's important) and it's taking longer than a few seconds......he gets irritated and says, "Come on, wrap it up, GET TO THE POINT". There ARE occasions where it's impossible to explain something in 6 and a half seconds, but he HATES having to HAVE to listen to what I have to/ or need to say.

     I don't feel connected to him anymore, or important to him anymore. And, it's humiliating to always have him shut me down time after time. If I tell him something I saw on the news or read in an article, he says, "Well, I'd have to prove that with an authority, before I believe that". It's terribly embarrassing when it's done in front of other people as well. I've told him, "I believe YOU, when you tell me things, so why do you have to PROVE that what I'm saying is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."  I DON'T LIE TO HIM, EVER, but it feels like he thinks I'm always lying to him. I DON'T GET THIS.

     There are times when I think, if he has another affair, I"m going to let the other woman have him, because it's SO HARD...and it's BEEN so hard that I'm EXHAUSTED. I have my OWN health issues now, and CAN'T KEEP UP with him anymore, and I don't WANT to. Is that a horrible thing to say? I have to say it to you guys, because I can't say it to him.