Never believed, Never trusted, treated like a kid

This is the first time i have ever written into a forum. at this point i am willing to try ANYTHING! My wife has recently been diagnosed with add. Her child was diagnosed years ago with it.

We are recently married & the birth of a child was also even more recent. My problems are ..She drives me crazy! she has just been put on meds for her add ..but up until this point & now i am Questioned at every turn? when putting something together you need that tool says you need that to put it together??? why are you doing never metioned anything to me? you need to do it this way! should have said this! I consistantly feel monitered? i consistantly feel like i can not do it right...or the way she wants it

A little while back there was "an incident" while i was out tell you the backstory my wife constatly thinks i am up to something, or cheating, or somebodys trying to get with me.....which i have profusly told her i want nobody else & it takes two to tango...i have from day 1 told her & still believe to this day there is no point in cheating on someone...if your gonna cheat just leave ..thats my follisfy....anyway after coming home one night of the guys i work with (was working at a bar) was messing around & planted a kiss on me...(no mind you i am A GUY ...& SO is THE BARTENDER WHO DID IT) ...i was shocked & went to tell him other than my father he was the only guy that ever "kissed" me before joking around after that ..he said aww i love you maaaan while laughing gave me a hug & Wham latched on to my neck!!!..of which i pushed him off...too his & my he was pointing & was like..awwwwww....there was can you guess a mark on my neck...a mind you this bartender is not gay ...he is just one crazy guy.....he is known for his antics & ridicoulsly stupid behavior,,,,,but guess what i was accussed of when the mark was noticed by my wife.....thats right cheating...another mind you the story may be shady to some.....but if you know the bartender its totattaly calls from people confirming the story means nothing wife doesnt believe me for one second...& i dont think she ever will...BUT HONESTLY IS IS THE GODS HONEST do i make her believe what is the truth? do i get her to stop treating me like an invalid???...Please help