Never ending reasons to be mad at me

It's been 7 months since I've asked my husband to move out of our apartment to try a therapeutic separation. Aggressiveness was really high (shouting at me and at our 4 year-old kid,...) and I thought that was the last resort to try and save our marriage... 

Two months after that, we had a talk and he said he would take therapy and go get treatment with a Neurologist (we're from Mexico, and we haven't find any Doctor specialized in adult ADD). The Doctor prescribed Vyvanse and things got better for a while, though he hasn't return to our home. In the meanwhile, he took a couple of sessions of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and also got OCD diagnosed as well. He left the CBT because he said the therapist didn't get him... Nowadays there's a shortage of Vyvanse in the country, and it's been 2 months since he had his last dosage... And things got worse again... He only criticizes me, he says I do everything wrong with our kids and that I've become a 70 year-old woman because I'm super exaggerated and overprotective (he hates things like me asking the kids to wear a sweater if he thinks it's not cold enough).

I'm super sad... I thought we were getting ahead, but now it's like he hates me again... and I know it has a lot to do with the lack of medication and therapy, but I feel hopeless. It feels like eveything I do annoys him. Like he would be better without me... And all I want, is a partner I can count on