never enough compliments for ADHD husband

Does anyone else have this experience with their ADHD person?  He seems to need SO many compliments on pretty much anything and everything he does.  He makes the entire Thanksgiving dinner every year--he always has.  And it's fine.  But for gods sake--all the fishing for compliments--before the meal when I say something smells good, not Thank you, but REALL?  It smells good???  in response.  Then all during dinner--every bite he takes is followed by a deep sigh and then yes, this DID come out well or some such.  Jeez.  Enough.  This evening he made some tofu thing and yes, it looks and smells great, but then he goes in to the kitchen to taste it and comes out with this look of bliss on his face.  I say WHAT?  And he goes, Wow, that really is delicious.  And by the way--I tasted the item that caused the blissful look and guess what--not that good.

The constant need for compliments--it's just exhausting.  And can I tell you--he is a fine cook, but by no means on his way to professional chef for gods sake.  Same with anything he does for the boys--if he buys them something or makes them something--it's just constant.  Am I just being a big bitch??  Anyone else experience this?  There is so much undone around our house I cannot stand it and then he wants all these kudos when he DOES do something?  His bedroom closet looks like a hurricane ran through.  His desk in our master bedroom--same.  The garage--worse.  The carpet that needs cleaning--bugging me for months.  The stuff he leaves laying around the living room--drives me nuts.  But oh yes dear--a million thank yous for the dinner.  I am a big bitch aren't I.  I just don't think any amount of compliments are ever going to be enough.