New and Overwhelmed

So many of us are trying to find a way through the chaos of ADD and ADHD. I have a daughter in her late 20's diagnosed at age 6 and a husband undiagnosed. When I was told by a professional that my daughter would endure a series of dreadful events due to the fact that she was ADD, I really did not understand why they were telling me about all the negative behaviors that go along with it. I'm an optimist!!

That optimist piont of view has turned into a realist one. Now 20 + years later, and a very long journey of issues with my daughter and wondering why my marriage was struggling. I discover that my Husband also has this wonderful issue.

I had become the emergency woman, as almost on a daily basis either my daughter or my husband would create some sort of 911 issue and I ran around putting out all the fires!! The list is endless and there is not enough space to write down the countless trials I've endured along the way. I'm here to be a part of this community and connect with others that struggle though the ever winding road of ADD. I hope to be able to gain knowledge and insight, and to just fit in somewhere! I hope to be of help to others and sort out many issues which include my own needs of wellbeing and hope for a brighter future.