New to this and trying to get my story out but it is a novel. Will anyone read it if I can't shorten it? lol

I guess I've held it in for so long and so much has happened to us in the past couple yrs, I have diarrhea of the typing fingers.  Suggestions before I post a novel?  I'm the non-ADD spouse in a 6 yr relationship w/ a 14 mos old daughter...desparate to rescue our marriage and save our family.

Hi ss09----

Hi ss09,

I am also new to this forum. Although I got Melissa's book in February--- I cannot claim to have made any progress. I just posted in the "Organization" forum about our horrible debt/financial situation. I think we all could type a novel about life with an ADD spouse. So, I guess I am going to just start posting bit by bit about me as I feel compelled. But hey- you do what you want- I'll read your novel! If you don't mind me asking- when I clicked on your name to learn a little more about you- it says you've been a "member" here for 2 years. But you mentioned you are "new" and I see you've only posted 1-2 times. I logged onto this website quite a while back- but never looked at the forum, maybe you did the same?

One thing that has really been bothering me a lot lately is - gosh it's awkward to say it- the isolation, the impact this all has on extended relationships and friendships. I noticed a few others posted about their "dirty little secret" and not revealing the brutal truth about the ADD and the impact in our marriages. Like you, ss09, I am a new mother- well my twins are now 2-year-olds, and although I am part of playgroups and Moms Clubs, chatting about ADD and marital troubles just doesn't blend with conversations about potty-training and first-words, and naptime tips. And how tragic to try to be a blissful young mother, enjoying the excitement of our little ones while dealing with the ADD crap. 

So, ss09, at first glance, you and I have some similarities. My ADD husband and I have been married for 7 years and have 2-yr-old twins and I'm also desparate to rescue our marriage and save our family. And here's the clincher... you know why you and I are going to become friends...?! Because neither of us spell DESPARATE right! It's so funny- I must misspell this word once a week! Anyone using the word desperate that often can spell it however they damn please, right!  

So, I'll be looking for your novel and hopefully we can help each other.

'night 'night


Debbie from Alexandria, VA- married to ADD spouse (barely)


Well damn...I guess I did

Well damn...I guess I did spell it wrong!  lol  I'm usually quite the stickler about that stuff...but I'm so out of sorts right now...  Maybe I'll try to trim up my post and post it after all.  Is your DH officially diagnosed?  On medication?  Counseling?  Mine is on meds (Adderall) but really it doesn't help w/ the interpersonal stuff at all.  However if he doesn't take them, it's def more painful to be around him.